All Harleys – USA, here we come!

Progress is being made with the planning for our epic trip! It looks like we have chosen EagleRider as our rental company and if all goes well, we’ll be picking up our bikes on 5/31/2014 in LA! With that, we can seriously start planning our route along the fantastic coastal Highway 1 up to San Francisco and around to Yosemite and Las Vegas to end up back in LA! Epic, epic, epic! Next up are flights and hotels …

Just for fun sake, here are some pics of the bikes that we’re hoping to ride:

Four of us will be on the infamous Fatboys:

Harley Fatboy

Two (maybe three) on Road Kings:

Harley Road King

And finally, two Electra Glides:

Harley Electra Glide


Pretty cool stuff! Can’t wait!


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Dutchie living in the USA. Crazy about football (or "soccer" for all you Americans) and loving his blue Subaru STI. Works at GoDaddy as an IT nerd during the day and spends the rest of his time with the family in Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. January 16, 2014

    […] reasons to buy the camera: 1) our ski trip to Flagstaff at the end of the year and 2) the upcoming Harley trip in May/June! Should be a great addition to the trip and will hopefully produce unforgettable […]

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