Harley trip 2014 – intro

A few weeks ago, my brother and I were talking about when & where we could see each other again in 2014. Since I live all the way on the west  coast of the USA and he lives in Holland (just like the rest of my family), we don’t get to see each other very often and after a certain amount of time, you just know that it’s time again and something has to be arranged! At first we talked about meeting halfway somewhere which would mean the US east coast but after checking into the feasibility of both families going there, matching up of school vacations, etc. it quickly became apparent that it was not the best plan.

At that point, he brought up an old idea that he and some of his friends have been talking about for a long time … a motorcycle trip along Route 66, the Grand Canyon, etc.! He contacted some friends and a few weeks later, we have about 6 confirmed motorcycle enthusiasts from Holland, Germany and the middle east that are all coming to the States during the first week of June 2014 to embark on what will hopefully be an Epic, memorable trip!

If it’s anything close to the trip I did with both of my brothers back in 2010, it will be FANTASTIC!!

Me and my brothers in San Francisco!

Me and my brothers in San Francisco!


Can’t wait!

We’ll keep track of our progress in this blog. It’s gonna be EPIC!



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3 Responses

  1. Marc Nuhn says:

    Ziet er goed uit! Kan niet wachten…….asap gr. MARC

  2. Bart de Jong says:

    Whow, this trip seems to printed into my brain. Start thinking/dreaming about it on a daily basis.

  3. verkurkie says:

    Kan ook niet wachten mannen! Wordt een geweldige ervaring!

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