Subie STI pics

In October of 2012, I felt that it was time for another car. After driving around in a Volvo S80 for about 4 years, I wanted something a bit faster, a bit more fun & definitely something smaller. I immediately started thinking about a Golf GTI which i have loved ever since my good buddy back in Holland, Peter Vonk, had one when we were teenagers! I actually took the plunge and went to a few local car dealerships … just to run away from them again as fast as I could! Can’t stand them! Couldn’t really find any good deals so I let it rest for a while …

At work, I started hearing more and more about these Subaru STI cars that I had honestly never heard about! I got increasingly curious and started doing some research and, out of the blue, this beautiful Subaru Impreza WRX STI hatchback (yes, it’s a mouthful) showed up on and on top of it all, the car was located in Fountain Hills, AZ which is about 40 mins away from my house! What are the chances? I learned that the hatchbacks are particularly hard to find, let alone such a sweet looking one!

The next day, me and a colleague went to check it out and the moment I saw it and drove it, I fell in love! What a great looking and great sounding car! The owners really took amazing care of this car and I found out that they did a lot of work on this car and got it tuned up too at this great tuning shop in Scottsdale, dYNO-COMP! They explained that it’s “stage-2” tuned and on E85 (ethanol) fuel, the engine spits out about 420HP to the crank! Pretty sick! I bought 3 days later and i’ve had it for about a year now and still feel like a kid with a new toy every time i drive it!

I enjoy this car so much it puts a smile on my face morning and every time I’m at a red light and a 19 year old kid in a honda or nissan or mustang or whatever puts up their thumb & wants to challenge me to a race! LOL!